Space Heater - Enclosure Heater

Heat is required to raise the temperature of the control panel, for freeze protection, reduce humidity, and prevent damage to the electronic components. As the complexity of electronics increases, the temperatures in the panel increase and it becomes even more critical to safeguard the enclosures. As a result of the higher temperatures, cooling systems are often required in many applications. When you have both heat build-up and cooling, moisture forms and causes the components to fail whether the enclosure is indoors or outdoors, insulated or un-insulated.

HX Series

Indeeco's HX Series enclosure heaters provide a reliable heating source for electrical enclosures. With their compact design and perforated mounting bracket the HX series enclosure heater can be easily mounted in place of failed strip heaters.

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Field Upgrade

Indeeco Field Upgrade Heating Units offer the same basic design as the Indeeco HX Series Enclosure Heater with the benefit of expanded voltage ranges for connecting directly to incoming power feeds. 

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